Carefully designed details


We use double fabric in the cuffs of AINO coats and tunics so that you can roll up any sleeve and it will still look stylish without having to cut it shorter. Nearly all AINO coats and tunics include pockets. We pay attention to the details of the pockets, too: the pockets are always made discreet yet sufficiently deep and roomy. In the coats, we use a strong cotton fabric for the pockets so that they are durable and remain prim in use.



About our materials


In order to better manage the quality and supply chain of the fabrics, we only work with European factories. We aim at only using factories who operate sustainably and can offer a transparent supply chain.



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Take good care of your clothes!


Taking good care of AINO clothes they will last longer and bring joy to your life for many years.
Please follow the care instructions and make sure you maintain your AINO clothes correctly.


You can find the label inside your AINO garment, attached to the side seam.

For AINO coats, the label is inside the breast pocket.



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Choosing the right size


AINO clothes are sized for adult women, and they fit many different body types.


Each garment’s size and fit are designed with care because their usability and beautiful look on the user is of utmost importance to us.


The sizing/fit of AINO clothes is mainly loose, but we do have some products in the collection

that are slightly more form-fitting.


The measures of AINO clothes are listed by each product at our online store. 

With our sizing guide it is easier for you to find the right size, and AINO’s customer service

is always ready to help you find the right size before placing your order.


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