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Aino in Europe


Striking where the economy is hot


Germany’s economy is going strong and Denmark and Sweden can both boast stable markets. Norway, as we all know, is in a class all its own. Six years ago Aino decided to invest more resources into its export operations to Scandinavia and Central Europe. It’s a decision they haven’t regretted for a single moment.


AINO SALES DIRECTOR Vesa Poutiainen says that after a few quiet years, the future of the garment industry looks promising again.

“Last autumn was a great season for retailers in Central Europe and the Nordic countries. It has encouraged fashion retailers to invest more strongly in new brands. Things are definitely looking up in the industry,” he says.


In early February, Aino Media met up with Vesa and Tuija Komulainen. They worked Aino’s booth in Copenhagen’s Bella Centre, the site of the annual Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, CIFF. The Copenhagen fair is just one of many clothing events that the Aino brand has attended this winter.

“We made the decision last year to participate and invest even more resources in trade fairs in Central Europe and Germany. Maria Dahlhoff has done great work as our agent in Germany, where she has presented Aino at five different fashion events,” they said.


In addition to Copenhagen and several cities in Germany, Aino has been on display at fashion weeks in Paris, London and Oslo. Next winter’s collection has been showcased and sold at each location.

“Our new collection has been well received wherever we go. We find most of our distributors at these kinds of fairs because clothing retailers fervently make the rounds of events like this, on the lookout for new brands to carry,” says Aino’s sales director.

“We’ve been at the Copenhagen fair for years already; it’s a great place to meet all of the most important Nordic clothing distributors”, he says.


Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s fashion capital


Scandinavian fashion can be regarded as classically stylish. It can sometimes contain surprisingly showy elements, however, and comfort is always a number one priority. These very attributes are an apt description of the Aino collections.

The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, or CIFF, isn’t limited to the hundreds of booths representing fashion firms at the Belle Centre. Over the years, the fashion week has spread to every corner of the Danish capital. Fashion shows and a string of other events take place daily throughout the city, concurrent with the CIFF Kids fashion fair at Copenhagen’s Forum venue and the Revolver Copenhagen International Fashion Trade Show.


Like the name implies, CIFF Kids focuses on children’s clothing, while the Revolver event, situated in Copenhagen’s hip central Halmtorvet district’s Revolver Village highlights more youthful fashion and out-of-the-box design ideas.

Although Stockholm and Oslo also host fashion weeks, Copenhagen can safely be regarded as the Nordic fashion capital. The Jutes have a long tradition of innovation and creativity, as shown by the sheer number of Danish clothing brands that have enjoyed immense international success.

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