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Stories of Fashion from the North

Finnish Family Company


The founders of AINO, established in 1990, Liisa Kotilainen and Vesa Poutiainen, have both worked in the fashion industry almost all of their lives. Thus it comes as no surprise that they also met at work - where else? The fruitful cooperation and coexistence of the colour oriented Liisa and the vigorous Vesa has already produced hundreds of collections, as well as satisfied customers, all around the world. Funny enough, many of AINOs retailers are also family companies.


AINO’s values haven’t changed over the decades. In touch with nature, products with long lifespan, Finnish and Scandinavian origins and sustainable development are values that have sustained AINO.


AINO's designs are based on the Nordic, but above all the Finnish tradition, which marries practicality with stylish fashion. AINO’s outfits are European and their purpose is to give customers happy experiences and to help them enjoy their everyday life. AINO’s colours are varied, as here in the Nordics we sometimes live in very dark conditions.



Our Mission
AINO enriches every woman’s everyday life along with her individual style. With our clothing, their shapes and colours in particular, we wish to enhance the AINO Lady’s  personality.
About the name Aino
The name Aino emanates from the fountain of Finnish history - from the mythologies of Kalevala.
Our role model in designing and producing clothes is Aino from Kalevala; a self-confident and independent woman who evokes much admiration with her beauty.
Aino remains a traditional woman's name in Finland, it has also a special significanceforthe designer Liisa as her mother and daughter are both called Aino. 









We are a Finnish company from Helsinki, but also a Scandinavian company from Europe. Aino’s collections have been designed in Finland and produced by carefully selected, responsible European factories. Due to our standards we have been given the well appreciated Design from Finland label.

Through this label we can communicate to our customers the quality of our products and the high level of knowledge and experience in our company. Furthermore, it signifies our deep investment in high quality production, which is central to the way we do business.

For ecological purposes the most valuable attribute of clothing is its durability. We at Aino produce women’s fashion that endures both time and use. For this reason responsibility for us means above all the high quality of materials and detailed, if not perfect, finishing of the products.    
The shapes and colours we design in Finland; they are produced by well-picked, responsible european factories.   



Why does Aino have two dots on the i?


After we learned from our Japanese costumers the meaning of Aino in their language, the field of love, we wanted to register this beautiful name with a stunning double meaning. Accordingly, our interest in the meaning of ‘Aino’ in all languages grew. In most european languages the pronunciation remains the same, although in French it is pronounced without the i - [enoo]. By adding the two dots on the i we made sure that the pronunciation would be uniform, and Finnish, all through Europe.


The Logo of Aino


The graphic artist Jorma Hinkka created the sensual outlook of our logo in the 1990's.  

The dots of the i, the circular shapes of the a and o and the vertical lines in between them together create a memorable image. In the everyday usage we write Aino in the Finnish  way, without the two dots on the i. Nevertheless, we hold the pronounceability of  our brand’s name important, regardless of the market area.   


Aino in the World


Aino, who has by now reached its twenties, has already produced hundreds of collections and reached thousands of happy customers around the world. We have grown from a small producer to a respectable international brand. Currently Aino’s products are being sold in more than 20 countries with increasing demand. We at Aino are happy and proud to be a part of the global export of Finnish fashion knowledge to Europe, Asia and the United States.