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AINO’s Autumn-Winter 2018 is here!



Female fashion filled with colours and good vibes!


Coat Honey-Hulivili

Hat Honey

At AINO we cherish the natural ability of colours in filling their users’ days with joy.

Let your colours be seen and personality shine!

Tunic Harlekin-Vappu

Trousers black solid Linda

Dress Roma-Pisara

Ring collar Roma


Coat Rialto-Bambi

Jacket Meri-Taru

Trousers Velvet-Cora

AINO’s main inspiration is our home, Finland; from the Finnish nature with its thousands of lakes to the busy, modern city life of Helsinki we embrace our roots and stay connected to the contemporary Finland.

Tunic Taide-Marina

Tunic Jupiter-Lotte

Dress Botanic-Barbara

Ring collar Botanic

Jacket Stone-Verna

Tunic Septeber-Laura

Tunic Fabel-Tango

Tunic Cinema-Cecilia

Skirt velvet- Cia-short

Jacket Botanic-Diva

Trousers black solid Linda

Jacket Meri-Tuomi


Coat Countryside-Fara

Trousers black solid Linda

Tunic black solid Lotte

Jacket Veniz-Bella

Dress Harlekin-Pisa

Ring collar Harlekin

Jacket Taide-Giara

Step into to the world of AINO and let your style shine bright!