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Aino’s Spring-Summer 2018

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Female fashion filled with colours and good vibes!


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Tunic Granit- Greta
Try your boundaries with Aino’s vivid colours and lights,or play it safe with the evergreen classic black and whites.

Let your personality shine!

Tunic Cirkus-Greta

Tunic Bridge-Brigitte

Dress Crepe-Leona

Jacket Granit-Giara

Trousers Crepe-Linda

At Aino we cherish the natural ability of colours to fill their users’ days with joy. In our collections the purpose of colours is both; to intensify their users’ natural beauty as well as to enhance the users’ womanhood and individual personality.

Apart from colours perfect fitting of the product is essential for us. Therefore our objective is to make every woman feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Tunic Aquarium-Anette

Coat Sade-Sara

Dress Mermaid-Milli

Jacket Cirkus-Koru

Trousers Cirkus-Kopo

Shirt Crepe-Lili

Jacket Granit-Giara

Trousers Crepe-Linda

Tunic Margareta-Pipsa

Trousers Crepe-Linda

Tunic Cirkus-Gina

Jacket Mermaid-Cisu

Trousers Softlinen-Deo

Coat Tikku-Rosita

Jacket Primrose-Carola

Trousers Softlinen-Deo

Jacket Doniz-Tanssi

Trousers Bridge-Bobo

Shirt Crepe-Lili

Tunic Flow-Kina

Tousers Crepe-Kino

Tunic Cirkus-Cara

Trousers Softlinen-Deo

Coat Sade-Sara

Tunic Capri-Hali

Step into the world of Aino and let your style shine bright!