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Aino’s Autumn-Winter 2017

Female fashion filled with colours and good vibes!

Tunic Village-Vappu

Try your boundaries with Aino’s vivid colours and lights,or play it safe with the evergreen classic black and whites.

Let your personality shine!

Tunic Village-Vappu

Jacket Doniz-Darja

Tunic Ritirati-Raisa

Tunic Kuura-Maikki
At Aino we cherish the natural ability of colours to fill their users’ days with joy. In our collections the purpose of colours is both; to intensify their users’ natural beauty as well as to enhance the users’ womanhood and individual personality.

Apart from colours perfect fitting of the product is essential for us. Therefore our objective is to make every woman feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Tunic Kuura-Maikki

Villakangastakki Fireworks Farfale
Tunika Ring Polka

Jacket Fau-Fanny

Tunic Village-Vappu

Coat Playground-Puisto

Tunic Diamond-Safir
Skirt Doniz-Dia

Jacket Doniz-Darja

Coat Garden-Zorro

Coat Kaamos-Kuusamo

Jacket Doniz-Tanssi

Jacket Creek Camomilla Trousers Diamond Star

Coat BonBon-Zella

Coat Playground Pallo

Coat Mist-Malla

Step into the world of Aino and let your style shine bright!